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Damned And Divine (Three)
Lena woke in the morning after having the odd dream of attending a masquerade in the castle. In the dream she had danced with Princess Eleanor, and then Alaia, who strangely turned into King Grant and proceeded to ask a favor of her. She always woke before sunrise, but when she opened her eyes the sunlight was already shining through her window despite the old curtain that was hanging in front of it. Getting out of bed, she sat at the wardrobe and looked at her reflection while she combed her hair, now wavy from being held in a braided bun. She dressed then, into a simple long sleeved black dress that reached to her ankles.
She went downstairs after dressing. At the bottom of the stairs was the entrance room where there was only the staircase and the front door leading to the outside. Turning to the right led to the living room, a large room with two black sofas that sat facing each other and a table of dark wood in the middle of them. The floor was covered by a large carpet, black wit
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Damned And Divine (Two)
Nine Years Later
The room was dark. A faded white curtain covered the only window, blocking out the little bit of sunlight from the outside. The only source of light was coming from a tall white candle that sat upon the wardrobe. Lena was sitting at the wardrobe, staring at her own reddish brown eyes in her reflection. She glanced down at the letter she had received a few days ago, reading the words in the dim candlelight.
Dearest Lena,
This is a letter unlike those that I usually write you.
A feast is being held in the castle three days from now, and this is a personal request from me.
Join us!
You have done much for me and for Dethia, I would be honored to see you in person for the first time. I understand that it is a lot to ask, and I fully understand if you are to reject. If you are feeling unsure, Alaia will be attending as well, a face familiar to you that may provide comfort. I know that it is difficult to show yourself, but perhaps now is the time for change.
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Damned And Divine (One)
The first flakes of snow started to fall at sunrise. Hypnotizing tiny white crystals fluttering down from the orange glow. The old rocking chair creaked as she rocked slowly while she watched out the window, her hands folded upon her lap. She could still hear her mother's quiet sobbing in the other room. She herself had laid awake all night and cried into her pillow. She stopped a while ago, now feeling nothing. Numb. She stopped rocking when hearing the soft creaks upon the wooden floor. The footsteps came to a stop beside her. "Lena," a tired voice spoke her name. She turned her head slowly to look at her brother. He held out a bowl. "Here is some soup."
"Is that the last of it?" she asked quietly. He nodded. She forced a smile, "you may have it, Bertrand."
"No, Lena," he knelt down. "Please, eat it." Lena gave a shaky sigh and took the bowl in her shaking hands. Bertrand smiled sadly at her.
Their father had passed away only two days ago. He worked very hard for the family of four,
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Under The Bed
"You're fucking with me," was all Riley could manage to say.
Zoe's eyes narrowed and she folded her arms across her chest. "I am doing no such thing."
"You're telling me a kid is scared of a monster living under his bed and you wanna investigate."
"You're fucking with me."
Zoe threw her arms up and gave an exasperated sigh. "I think something's really under there!"
"Nah," Riley turned her attention back to her burger.
"Riley!" Zoe whined in her loud annoying tone that made Riley cringe.
"Do you sense something under this child's bed?" Jonas turned a page in his book.
"I don't know, I haven't been able to check, have I?" Zoe huffed.
"Then why are you so sure something is under there?" he asked. "A monster under the bed is the nightmare of every child, isn't it?"
"It sure was yours," Riley said with her mouth full.
"Shh," Jonas put a finger to his lips without looking at her.
"In this town it could definitely be true," Zoe persisted. "I think we should check."
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Dance With Dragons (Final)
"No!" Hildorna gasped. Birgir was wide-eyed in shock, and then gasped when Orla pulled the sword out of him. Hildorna watched him fall, and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Ayla acted quick, hitting Orla with an attack of magic that knocked her out instantly, and she fell to the floor, unconscious once again. Hildorna ran to Birgir, catching him in her arms as he fell forward. "Birgir!" she gasped, panicked. "T-Tell me what to do! I-"
He coughed and gasped. Hildorna lowered him, sitting on her knees, his head upon her lap. Ayla knelt next to her and attempted healing magic on the wound. But there was already a puddle of blood, and his eyes were closing slowly. "Birgir!" Ayla cried.
"There's... nothing..." he whispered, struggling to keep his eyes open.
Hildorna looked to the faerie that was still in the room. "Do your wishes really work?!" she asked desperately.
"Yes," Viola replied calmly. "I grant your wish, and ask for something in return."
"What? What is it?" H
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Dance With Dragons (Nineteen)
A long silence dragged on. Tip of the blade still pressed against his throat, Birgir looked to be stunned in shock, not even reacting to the pain as he leaned a little too close to the sword and a droplet of blood ran down his neck. King Cadeyrn's face had drained of color, and he stared in disbelief at Hildorna until his eyes shifted to Ayla. The silence was broken by Ayla's chuckle. "Oh, Hilda... you noticed." She smiled, folding her hands behind her back.
"Of course I did."
Birgir looked from Hildorna to Ayla. "You knew?" he whispered.
"No!" Cadeyrn caused everyone to jump in surprise with his shout. "How is that possible?!"
"Hmm, well..." Ayla looked thoughtful. "There is not much point in telling, as Orla has done that already. The difference being I succeeded with my magic, and I became the Dark Queen and ruled a kingdom."
"W-What?" he shook his head slowly. "How, Aylara?"
"After I ran away, I mastered my magic," Ayla said. "My hatred for you, Cadeyrn, helped
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Dance With Dragons (Eighteen)
Hildorna stared in disbelief. Was she dreaming, or was Birgir truly pointing a dagger at her with a cruel smile on his face? Princess Orla laughed. "Oh, Birgir! I knew I could always trust in you!"
"Of course, princess," he smirked.
A sudden anger washed over Hildorna among the confusion. "What is this?" she asked quietly, eyes on Birgir. When he said nothing, she looked at Orla.
"It is my father," the princess began. "He had plans, you see. He was going to use me. I was to be forced to marry a member of one of Dargard's royal families, as his wife had passed away. I discovered that his wife was murdered. By him. My father did not listen. He told me that I could not refuse, that I had no proof, that such a thing could not be true. And so..." she paused, an empty look in her eyes.
"Orla, please," Sarah cried. "I could speak to your father. He would listen to me."
Orla glared furiously. "It is I that he should listen to. And he refused. The deal he made with that <i>
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Dance With Dragons (Seventeen)
The stone room they had entered was the prison. It was a large room with about twenty cells lined up on each side. Many of the doors were broken off, the inside of the cells tiny and filthy, only wooden benches sticking out of the walls, all broken. Because half of the top of the castle had been destroyed, there was a large hole high up in the ceiling on one side. The orange sky could be seen above, the sun setting. Chains lay all around the room, tight under the stone, tight around their prisoner. The creature took up almost all of the space of the large room, but it was a smaller size which told that it was very young.
The white dragon's eyes opened slowly, a beautiful gold. It pulled back and growled when it saw everyone. Its growl caused the room to tremble. Birgir gasped and he, Ayla and Cadeyrn backed away. "H-Hildorna!" Birgir whispered worriedly, but she did not move.
The dragon was chained, trapped. It could barely move with the chains wrapped around its neck and its bo
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Dance With Dragons (Sixteen)
Hildorna winced at the sound of every scream. Birgir had his hands pressed tightly against his ears, but Hildorna knew the screams still tore through everything. She and Cadeyrn had stabbed the creature countless times, leaving black bloody holes in its stomach and neck, and Ayla had even set it on fire, and yet it still lived. Its flesh would not burn and swords piercing its flesh did not kill it. It would not die.
"Maybe its head?" Hildorna shouted at Cadeyrn to be heard over the screams. "Maybe we should pierce its head."
"We shall try," Cadeyrn shouted breathlessly. "Like all else, destroying its brain should kill it."
Hildorna desperately hoped. This creature was very unlike all else. Hildorna looked at Ayla. She was panting to catch her breath, staring at the creature and looking to be having thoughts of her own. Only a little while ago Hildorna had feared for her, felt sure that she could not take using magic like that anymore. Her body needed a rest. But right now at this very
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Dance With Dragons (Fifteen)
Birgir, Ayla and Hildorna watched in silence as the people mourned Tethya. Birgir glanced at Hildorna with a frown. "I'm sorry, Hildorna," he said softly.
"For what?" she asked.
"You know what."
"There's nothing to be sorry for," she said. "I feel nothing."
He stared. "Hildorna..."
She shrugged. "I didn't know her. We may be related, but we're not family." She was aware at how cold that sounded, but it was the truth. She felt nothing for Tethya. She had only met her a little while ago. And while it was surprising to learn that they were related, it did not make her feel anything for her. It was sad that she had died like this, and she would have liked to get to know her, but nothing could be done now.
He stared sadly at her. "That little girl called her-"
"I know," Hildorna said quickly.
"Perhaps you should speak to her and her parents..." he looked at them, the little girl, and the man and woman sobbing.
"No. I'd rather not."
He nodded. Amara and Samira stopped near them. "I suppose w
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Dance With Dragons (Fourteen)
Hildorna unsheathed her sword immediately upon hearing the name and ran in the direction of the shouts. Ahead, she could see few huts had been lit on fire, and a panic swirled inside her. She saw Ayla, Birgir, Samira and Amara ahead, having just come out of the inn, and she stopped near them. "I-I don't see her anywhere," Birgir looked around frantically. It was difficult to see with all of the people running in every direction, and the black smoke from the fire was thick.
"How is she here? Why?" Hildorna demanded.
"Don't look at me," Ayla looked just as confused.
"Velda... Velda..." Amara anxiously mumbled to herself, and then looked at Samira, "who is Velda?"
"A tyrannic queen from one of the southwest kingdoms," answered Samira.
"She's a sorceress," Birgir said quickly. "She's done a lot of damage, even in our part up north."
"Those fires will destroy everything," there was urgency in Samira's tone as she looked on helplessly.
Ayla took in a deep breath and closed her
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Dance With Dragons (Thirteen)
Hildorna stared tiredly out the window, her chin resting in the palm of her hand. The ride had been long and somewhat silent so far, with Ayla's occasional humming. She found herself relieved that they had taken the carriage, because this walk would have taken a very long time. The view outside the window never changed. The forest scenery of tall trees, green leaves and grass remained the same, feeling endless.
"You hum that a lot," Birgir broke the long silence, glancing back at Ayla. "What is it? It sounds very familiar."
Ayla smiled, "it is the song of the dead."
Whenever there was a tragedy, everyone came together to sing it for the ones they had lost in an attack or war. Hildorna had last heard it about three years ago, after many people were killed by Velda in her promise to murder anyone that attempted to help king Cadeyrn and his people. She had attacked the kingdoms with rulers that were aiding Beren, though luckily Velda always acted on her own, so there were far less
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Dance With Dragons (Twelve)
"Birgir!" Hildorna and Ayla gasped, running toward him. "Dammit, why is he always in trouble?!" Hildorna unsheathed her sword. She could not see what was pulling him, only that vines were wrapped around his ankles, and whatever it was seemed to be underneath the bridge. Hearing a choked gasp, Hildorna came to a sudden stop and spun around to Ayla. Ayla had stopped running, and now stood a little hunched, clutching her throat as she coughed. "What's wrong?!" Hildorna was panicked now. Hearing Birgir's screams, she turned her head fast and saw that he was now struggling to hold on as the vines were pulling him off the edge, under the bridge. "Just hold on, Ayla!" she ran to help Birgir.
Hildorna ran as fast as she could, and swung her sword and cut the vines that were around him just before he could be pulled off the edge of the cliff. She took him by the hand and forced him up as she ran back to Ayla, who was still struggling to breathe. "H-Hildorna," Birgir coughed, pointing, "i-it's h
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Dance With Dragons (Eleven)
Hildorna glanced at Ayla. Ayla avoided looking at the king, her eyes instead on the floor. Ayla's hands were balled into fists, because if they weren't, they would be shaking, and Hildorna knew that Ayla did not want that. Ayla did not want him to see her as anxious as she really was. It was something that Hildorna remembered well. Ayla always avoided eye contact and speaking when she was upset, otherwise she would cry.
Ayla was losing the battle, the tears fighting through. Hildorna could see them in her eyes. Hildorna placed a hand on her arm. Ayla looked a little startled at the touch. She blinked and cast Hildorna a glance. Hildorna was hoping to give her strength in this situation, to show her that she was not alone, that she had support. Hildorna's hand slid down to Ayla's hand, and Ayla un-clenched her hand, taking Hildorna's in hers. That won her fight. Ayla exhaled shakily and stood up straighter. She blinked away the tears. She now looked like she had the strength she needed.
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Dance With Dragons (Ten)
Alone. She was all alone. Birgir had been at her side just a second ago, and Ayla had been right behind them. Now, in the blink of an eye, they were both gone. It must have been the magic of that creature. She sighed, head beginning to pound with anger and anxiousness. She dearly hoped they were okay. She had to find them fast.
The only movement was the leaves twirling in the soft wind, being pulled from the branches of the trees. There was only silence, but something was upsetting her horse. It was beginning to panic. Hildorna saw the reason why. A tiny creature with sickly green and yellow skin walked toward her slowly. Its eyes were big and yellow and wide upon her. She got off the horse, and was startled when it immediately ran, disappearing into the woods. "Son of a bitch," she muttered in annoyance, and then looked to the nearing creature, reaching its arms out toward her with a snarl. She slashed it, cutting its throat. It froze still for a moment, yellow eyes widening even more
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Dance With Dragons (Nine)
Hildorna walked through the woods, carrying few pieces of wood for a fire along with her. The woods were bright green, little thin trees scattered all around, the sunlight shining down through them. There were bushes filled with flowers and berries. She looked up at the chirping birds that sat in the trees. It was calming and peaceful. And then it wasn't thanks to the sudden voice, causing few little birds to fly away, startled.
"Hilda," Ayla sang, dragging out the end of her name is an annoying way and wrapping her arms around Hildorna from behind. "What is taking you so long?"
"Get off me," Hildorna pulled away from her.
Ayla chuckled, and then sneezed from the cold she had, causing few birds to scatter from their branches. She walked alongside Hildorna. "You are the one always going on about how we must hurry, and here you are, taking your time."
"I needed peace away from you, that's why."
"Oh, Hilda," Ayla sighed. "I know you do love my company. There is no need to hide it,"
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